Hello students and welcome to the English blog! Here you can find different games, songs, videos... I hope you learn and enjoy a lot.

Are you ready for the English and French Festival?

On Tuesday 15th, the castings are going to start, so you can start practising at home. Here you have the list with all the songs and the levels.

- Could you be loved?    3rd and 4th grade.
- New York, New York: 3rd and 4th grade.
- Message in a bottle: 5th
- Video Killed the radio star: 6th
- Wake me up before you go-go: 5th
- She´s got the look. 4th and 5th
- Walking on sunshine: 6th.
- I´ll stand by you. 6th.
- More than words: 5th and 6th.
- Ella Elle L´a: 5th and 6th.
- Aux Champs Élysées.5th and 6th.

In the blog, you can find all the song we have already listened to in class.
June Song: More than words (Extreme)(Yes, I know we are in May!)

May: I´ll stand by you (The Pretenders)
April: Wake me up before you go-go

March: Walking on sunshine

February: She´s got the look (Roxette)